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culture / civilization / cultural / CL: 個|个, 種|种
(PRC) Ministry of Culture and Tourism
(UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage
(UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage
cultural palace
Yangshao neolithic culture from the central Yellow river basin, with red and black pottery
Eastern and Western culture
sphere of cultural influence
cultural fever / cultural craze
World Heritage site
Dongba culture of the Nakhi ethnic group of Lijiang 麗江|丽江 in northwest Yunnan
Qijia neolithic culture, centered around the Gansu Corridor 河西走廊 c. 2000 BC
cultural barrier
Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)
educational level
cultural exchange
cultural history
Hopkins-Nanjing Center
Dawenkou culture (c. 4100-2600 BC), Neolithic culture based in today's Shandong area 山東|山东
spoofing culture (Web-based genre in PRC acquiring cult status from 2005, involving humorous, satirical or fantastical videos, photo collections, texts, poems etc)
cultural tradition
city of culture
cultural layer (in an archaeological dig)
culture shock
cultural heritage
the New Culture Movement (mid-1910s and 1920s), intellectual revolution against Confucianism aiming to introduce Western elements, especially democracy and science
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)
Liangzhu (c. 3400-2250 BC), neolithic culture of Changjiang delta
British Council
drinking culture
Hong Kong Cultural Center
Longshan culture / black pottery culture

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