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to spread / to proliferate / to diffuse / spread / proliferation / diffusion
to scatter / to disperse / to distribute
to distribute / to emit / to issue
prose / essay
to dissolve / to disband
to disseminate
  *散* | 散* | *散
variant of
  *散* | 散* | *散
scattered / loose / to come loose / to fall apart / leisurely / powdered medicine
  *散* | 散* | *散
to scatter / to break up (a meeting etc) / to disperse / to disseminate / to dispel / (coll.) to sack
loose goods / goods sold open / draft (of beer, as opposed to bottled)
(of family members) separated from one another / scattered about / dispersed / (math.) discrete
to dissipate heat
to take a walk / to go for a walk
to disperse / to fall scattered / to sprinkle
to scatter / to disperse / to evacuate / scattered / to relax
individual (shareholder) / the small investor
radiator (for heating a room) / radiator (for cooling an engine)
prose poem
to disperse / to diverge
mixed martial arts
to waft (through the air) / to drift
to relax / loose / not consolidated / not rigorous
to scatter / to break sth up / to beat (an egg)
scatter plot
to break up (a marriage, family etc)
to dissipate everywhere (of light, sound, gas etc)
free-range raising (of poultry, cattle etc)
to dissipate
to separate / to disperse
FIT (free independent traveler) / individual traveler (as opposed to traveling with a group)
to spread / to disperse / to disseminate
idle / unused / at leisure
coming together and separating / aggregation and dissipation
to disperse / to break up
to collect for distribution
inactive / careless / lazy / indolent / negligent
lit. Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave (idiom) / fig. Be sure to wait! / See you there!
(of a theater) to empty / (of a show) to end
to drive away cares / to relieve boredom
(gun) shot / canister shot
to lose touch with / missing / scattered / separated from
astigmatism / see also 散光
to diffuse light / see also 散光
discrete mathematics
(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom) / to separate
to vanish like smoke in thin air / to disappear
spare parts / odds and ends
to part on bad terms / (of a meeting etc) to break up in discord
lit. like a sheet of loose sand / fig. unable to cooperate (idiom)
lit. the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed (idiom) / fig. the influence still lingers on / the spirit (of some doctrine) is still alive
heat sink
loose powder (makeup)
to be totally dispersed (crowd)
to slacken / lax / slack / disorganized
lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom) / fig. to be frightened stiff / spooked out of one's mind / terror-stricken
to squander / lost
(of a group of people) to live scattered over an area
to dissipate / to squander
to hash / hashing (computing)
to have a stroll
small sum of money / loose change / Cantonese equivalent of 零錢|零钱
to scatter money / to give to charity
with dishevelled hair (idiom) / with one's hair down
lit. straggling and disbanded soldiers (idiom); fig. disorganized uncoordinated action
loose and disorganized soldiers / stragglers / fig. a loner
emergency evacuation
to wander off / to stray / to get lost
to disperse
severance pay
free prose style
a family wrenched apart (idiom)
to disband / (of a partnership, group etc) to break up
nuclear nonproliferation
tourism center or hub
day labor / piece-time work
to release from work at the end of the day
to disband / to dismiss / demobilization
nuclear proliferation
in disorder / messy
to disperse in confusion (idiom)
random jottings / travel notes
to fall apart / exhaustion
powder medicine
to part without hard feelings (idiom) / to cut the knot as smoothly as you tied it
to disperse / to scatter in all directions
all good things must come to an end (idiom)
evacuation / measures to evacuate a building in an emergency
undisciplined / unorganized
defeated / routed
to scatter in all directions
verse or song form from Yuan, Ming and Qing
lit. scatter like birds and beasts (idiom) / fig. to head off in various directions / to flee helter-skelter
lit. dispersed by wind and scattered like clouds (idiom); fig. scattered far and wide (of friends and relatives)

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