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to dwindle / to vanish / to make vanish / to exercise restraint / to curb (one's mirth, arrogance etc) / to astringe / (math.) to converge
  *敛* | 敛* | *敛
to hold back / to restrain / to control (oneself) / to collect / Taiwan pr. [lian4]
  *敛* | 敛* | *敛
variant of 殮|殓
introverted / reserved / (artistic style) understated
to accumulate wealth / to rake in money
to accumulate / to gather / to amass wealth by heavy taxation or other unscrupulous means / (science) convergent
to tax by force and extort levies (idiom); to screw taxes out of the people by force
to overtax / to extort
to refrain / to give up evil (temporarily) / to cover one's traces / to lie low / to retire (from view)
to collect money / to raise funds (for charity)
(literary) to slow down one's steps; to come to a halt
old-fashioned women's obeisance / Taiwan pr. [lian4 ren4]
to extort taxes
to extort taxes excessively
convergent sequence (math.)
convergence (math.) / astringent
convergent series (math.)
to draw in one's claws / to show some modesty
(dialect) to gather (sth)
to levy exorbitant taxes (idiom)
to accumulate wealth without satisfaction / to continually plunder (idiom)
to be talented yet self-effacing (idiom)

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