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no match for / cannot beat
powerful enemy
lit. as if meeting a great enemy (idiom) / fig. cautious / with great preoccupation / with strict precaution
  *敌* | 敌* | *敌
enemy / to be a match for / to rival / to resist / to withstand
to resist the enemy
formidable opponent
to collaborate with the enemy
unequalled / without rival / a paragon
to be equal to / to be well-matched / rival
evenly matched (idiom)
to attack the enemy
public enemy
mortal enemy / arch-enemy
old enemy
old foe / long-standing enemy
to confront / to face the enemy
to underestimate the enemy
to antagonize people / to make an enemy of sb
rival in love
(idiom) to be attacked from the front and rear
enemy defense / enemy garrison
to go over to the enemy / to defect
to face the enemy / to meet an attack
to be invincible / unrivalled
predator; natural enemy
front line (military)
political opponent
remnant enemy troops
a match for ten thousand enemies
to lure the enemy / to trap
to rout the enemy
to go into battle; to strike at the enemy
enemy / foe
opposing force (in war games); hypothetical enemy (in strategic studies)
the enemy of the people / the class enemy (Marxism)
unsurpassed / unparalleled
armed enemy of the nation / enemy of the Emperor / fig. championship challenger / contender opposing champion in sporting contest
(idiom) to fight the whole world
a match for ten thousand enemies

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