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result / effect / efficacy / (theater) sound or visual effects
benefit / effectiveness / efficiency
effect / result
effective / in effect / valid
efficient / highly effective
  *效* | 效* | *效
variant of 傚|效
  *效* | 效* | *效
variant of / to imitate
  *效* | 效* | *效
variant of
  *效* | 效* | *效
effect / efficacy / to imitate
performance / results / achievement
to fail / to lose effectiveness
timeliness / period of viability or validity / (law) prescription; limitation / (metallurgy) aging
effect (scientific phenomenon)
special effect / specially good effect / especially efficacious
sound effect
effectiveness / positive effect / to serve (in some capacity)
efficacy / effectiveness
healing efficacy / healing effect
to be effective over an extended period
actual effect / practical result / efficacy
to have the desired effect
usefulness / effectiveness / (economics) utility
wondrous effect / marvelous efficacy
to show results / effective
quick results / fast-acting
to yield results
to vow loyalty and devotion to
effective medicine for a specific condition / highly effective medicine
butterfly effect (dynamical systems theory)
to serve (in some capacity) / to work for
highly effective / fruitful
greenhouse effect
spillover effect
inefficient / ineffective
render service to repay kindness
to show an effect / to produce an effect / a conspicuous effect
effectiveness of fertilizer
to imitate / to follow the example of
subordinates follow the example of their superiors (idiom)
stochastic effect
to be effective (idiom)
lit. Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi's frown (idiom) / fig. to mimick sb's idiosyncrasies but make a fool of oneself
to copy / to imitate
in order to warn against following bad examples (idiom) / as a warning to others
potency / titer (measure of effective concentration in virology or chemical pathology, defined in terms of potency after dilution by titration) / valence (perceived value in psychology) / valency
(desired) effect / (expected) result / effective
to follow a bad example
position effect
potency / titer (measure of effective concentration in virology or chemical pathology, defined in terms of potency after dilution by titration)
regularity effect
quick-acting agent
to take effect / to go into effect
period of validity / sell-by date
top-notch efficiency
consistency effect
beta-2 agonist
laughable low-budget special effects
contingent effects
lighting effect
photoelectric effect
dose effect
processing efficiency
Casimir effect (attraction between two parallel metal plates due to quantum mechanical vacuum effects)
wall effect
the Doppler effect
expiry date (of document)
volumetric efficiency (engine technology)
pledge of allegiance
rendering (visual representation of how things will turn out)
to render one's humble services / to be at sb's beck and call
early effect
sensitivity to timing / time-sensitive / timeliness
(law) statute of limitations
effective action
within the period of validity / before the sell-by date
to no avail / achieving nothing / totally ineffective / to have no effect / to fall flat (esp. of joke or speech that is completely ignored)
oxygen effect
not valid / ineffective / in vain
urban heat island effect
to strive to get sth done while the timing is right
deterministic effect
"magnetic" force that attracts investment and talented individuals / in particular, the attraction China has for people and capital from around the world
equivalent megatonnage (EMT)
sound effect
word superiority effect
word similarity effect
word length effect
word frequency effect (psych.)
direct effect of radiation
sensational effect / wild reaction
(law) period during which one can prosecute or sue sb (as stipulated by a statute of limitations)

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