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accident / CL: 樁|桩, ,
reason / cause
an unforeseen event / accident / misfortune
  *故* | 故* | *故
happening / instance / reason / cause / intentional / former / old / friend / therefore / hence / (of people) to die, dead
classical story or quote from the literature / the story behind sth
accident occurring due to negligence
for some reason
no cause, no reason (idiom); completely uncalled for
as before / as usual / (to be) like old friends
the late / deceased
historical or literary anecdote that gives rise to a saying
familiarity at first sight
the ways of the world
sophisticated / worldly-wise
to die
to find an excuse
worldly wisdom / the ways of the world / to know how to get on in the world
without cause or reason
without good cause
back to where we were (idiom); absolutely no improvement / Things haven't changed at all.
to die of an illness
what for? / what's the reason?
anecdote / tales (esp. about historical figure)
lit. neither a relative nor a friend (idiom) / fig. unrelated to one another in any way
to die / to pass away
a shipwreck / a sinking
accident causing injury or death
without relatives or friends
experienced in the ways of the world (idiom); worldly-wise / sophisticated
variant of 緣故|缘故
to find a pretext for refusing
old friends and relatives
unworldly / unsophisticated
follow the same old path (idiom); stuck in a rut / always the same routine
old friend / former acquaintance
industrial accident / work-related injury
fellow countryman (from the same village) / the folks back home
to use claims to kinship or friendship to climb socially (idiom)
therefore / so / consequently
old friend / correct interpretation

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