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to attack / to assault / to go on the offensive / attack / assault / offense (sports)
  *攻* | 攻* | *攻
to attack / to accuse / to study
to besiege / to beleaguer / to attack from all sides / to jointly speak or write against sb
main assault / to focus on / to specialize in / to major in
to counterattack / a counteroffensive
dominant / controlling / strong / opposite: weak, yielding 弱受 / to take by storm (military)
(slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)
to specialize in / to major in
fast break / quick attack (ball sports)
easily guarded, hard to attack
attack from two sides / pincer movement / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
to attack (one another)
to assault / to attack in force
to attack violently / to storm
to block a shot (basketball) (Tw)
to attack jointly

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