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  *攤* | 攤* | *攤
to spread out / vendor's stand
vendor's booth
stallkeeper / peddler
to set up a vendor's stall in the street
street stall with goods laid out on the ground
to spread out / to unfold
to amortize / amortization
terrible mess / shambles
stallkeeper / street peddler
to share (costs, responsibilities) / to apportion
to set up a vendor's stand
to lay one's cards on the table
booth / vendor's stall / organizational structure / scale of operations
place for a vendor's stall
vendor's stall
to amortize / amortization
(dialect) vendor's stall
erhua variant of 攤|摊
to spread out / (fig.) to share equally
lit. to set up a stall on the ground / fig. to start up a new business
to share equally / to distribute evenly
to apportion expenses, responsibilities etc / to demand contributions
food vendor's stand
a vendor's stall
vendor's stall
scrambled eggs
to set up a stall / to maintain a large staff and organization
stall selling various goods
erhua variant of 小攤|小摊
to set up stall
to lay sth out to dry
diluted earnings per share
(coll.) to get into trouble
to bear part of the cost
to spread out / to display / to lay out a vendor's stall
to break up / to disband
see 撂地
(dialect) scrambled eggs

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