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bustling with activity (idiom)
  *攘* | 攘* | *攘
to push up one's sleeves / to reject or resist / to seize / to perturb / to steal
disorderly / confused / chaotic
to resist foreign aggression
to ward off calamities / to avoid disaster
bustling / to create trouble / to disturb
to get rid of / to weed out / to reject
to seize
a place buzzing with activity (idiom)
to bare one's arms (in agitation)
to rise to action with a determined shake of the arms
to wriggle about / to move around
to repel the barbarians
to claim credit due to others / to appropriate other's credit or honor
to stand off / to make way
to spread harvested grain over an area
to clear oneself of dishonor
to roll up the sleeves
tumultuous / disorderly
to take home sb else's stray sheep
to disturb (dialect)
arms and confusion (idiom); turmoil of war
to rob and steal
to resist foreign aggression and pacify the interior of the country (idiom)
to usurp / to steal
to create an uproar

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