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  *擦* | 擦* | *擦
to wipe / to erase / rubbing (brush stroke in painting) / to clean / to polish
friction / rubbing / chafing / fig. disharmony / conflict / also written 磨擦
to wipe clean
to polish
to clean (with water or alcohol) / to wipe and wash / to swab / to scrub
eraser / rubber / CL: 塊|块
to brush past; to pass by (sb) / (fig.) to miss (an opportunity, a danger etc); to have a brush (with death)
to abrade / to scrape / to chafe / to graze / abrasion / friction burn / scratch
fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms (idiom) / to roll up one's sleeves for battle / eager to get into action or start on a task
variant of 摩擦
to wipe one’s ass / (fig.) (coll.) to clean up sb else's mess
erasable pen
to sideswipe (a car etc) / to generate (sparks) by striking a flint; (fig.) to produce (sth novel) through interaction
blackboard or whiteboard eraser
to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun / (fig.) a minor incident that sparks a war
to brush past
to keep one's eyes open (idiom) / to be on one's guard / to be clear-eyed
(table tennis) edge ball / (fig.) actions that are technically legal but perhaps not respectable
to wipe dry
to oil / to anoint
to bend the rules / to skirt around the issue
to rub oneself down with a wet towel / to take a sponge bath
variant of 摩拳擦掌
eraser / (kitchen) grater / shredder
fricative (phonetics)
to wipe
to press against / to nuzzle up to
to wipe
foul tip
net ball / let (tennis etc)
(dialect) dusk
blackboard or whiteboard eraser
to erase
affricate (phonetics)
to grate (cheese, carrots etc); to shred
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)
guttural fricative
to wipe
to brush against / to graze / to scratch
to scrape
dish cloth / tea towel
toilet paper
to make light contact with the edge of sth / (fig.) to be nearly (a certain age); to be close to (danger) / (fig.) to be marginal (in terms of relevance or legality)
alveolar fricative (linguistics)

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