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to praise / to commend
to proclaim / to make public or well known
to develop / to make full use of
to wave / to flutter / to fly
  *揚* | 揚* | *揚
abbr. for 揚州|扬州 / surname Yang
  *揚* | 揚* | *揚
to raise / to hoist / the action of tossing or winnowing / scattering (in the wind) / to flutter / to propagate
Zhang Yang (1967-), PRC film director and screenwriter
to display ostentatiously / to bring out into the open / to make public / to spread around / flamboyant / brash
to rise (i.e. number increases) / a price rise / to raise
to enhance / to promote / to enrich
to rise / to fly upward
to praise / to approve of / to show approval
bubbling and gurgling / hubbubing / abuzz
to spread (by word of mouth)
to praise
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor
(idiom) nothing special to look at / unprepossessing
high and mighty (idiom); arrogant
to expound / to propagate
(fame) spreads far and wide
Celeron (an Intel chip)
fluttering about (of leaves etc)
to eulogize / to praise
to praise / to commend / to hallow
variant of 弘揚|弘扬
stinking reputation / notorious far and wide
melodious / mellifluous
Weiyang district of Yangzhou city 揚州市|扬州市, Jiangsu / historical name for Yangzhou 揚州|扬州
having high fighting spirit
to praise / to compliment
lit. family shames must not be spread abroad (idiom) / fig. don't wash your dirty linen in public
Xiao Yang (1938-), president of the PRC Supreme Court 1998-2008
held high / elevated / uplift / soaring
elated / high-spirited / uplifting (music)
a whirlwind
variant of 得意洋洋
modulation (rising and falling pitch) / intonation / a cadence / to rise and fall (of a body floating in water)
to praise / to extol / to publicize / to advocate
quietly / without ostentation
high and mighty (idiom); arrogant
high-spirited and smug
Mikoyan (name) / Anastas Ivanonovich Mikoyan (1895-1978), Soviet politician, politburo member in the 1950s and 1960s / Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan (1905-1970), brother of the politician and one designer of MiG military aircraft
cadence / modulation

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