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  *推* | 推* | *推
to push / to cut / to refuse / to reject / to decline / to shirk (responsibility) / to put off / to delay / to push forward / to nominate / to elect / massage
to postpone / to put off / to defer
to recommend / recommendation
to extend / to spread / to popularize / generalization / promotion (of a product etc)
to decline (an appointment, invitation etc)
reasoning / inference / to infer / to deduce
speculation / to conjecture / to surmise / to speculate
to market / to sell
to overthrow
to infer / inference / corollary / reasoned conclusion
to push out / to release / to launch / to publish / to recommend
to impel / to carry forward / to push on / to advance / to drive forward
to push (for acceptance of a plan) / to push forward / to promote / to actuate / CL: 個|个
server push (computing)
promotion / to promote / to introduce and recommend
to put into effect / to carry out
derivation / to deduce
sliding door
recommendation letter
(aerospace) to boost / booster (rocket) / (behavioral economics) to nudge
to push open (a gate etc) / to push away / to reject / to decline
to push over / to overthrow
recommendation letter
to elect / to choose / to nominate
trolley / cart / barrow / handcart / wheelbarrow / baby buggy
to calculate / to reckon / to extrapolate (in calculation)
cart / trolley / to push a cart
tui na (form of Chinese manual therapy)
promoter / advocate / driving force / pushing hands (two-person training routine esp. in t'ai chi)
to esteem / to think highly of / to accord importance to / to revere
and so on / in a similar fashion
promotional seminar / promotional event
to shirk responsibility / to blame others / to pass the buck
solid progress
to reason by analogy
Twitter (microblogging service)
to push back (progress, the times etc)
to infer / to deduce / to predict / to extrapolate
murder mystery (novel) / whodunit
recursion / recursive (calculation) / recurrence
to elect / to choose / press (weightlifting technique)
to shove / to jostle
to deduce / to infer / to derive / an implication
(of time) to elapse or pass / (of a situation) to develop or evolve
sales representative / salesperson
to push out the old and bring in the new (idiom); to innovate
to regard as the foremost / to name as a prime example / to implement for the first time
driving force
push rod or tappet (mechanics) / putter (golf) / to putt (golf)
driving force / impetus / thrust (of a boat or aeroplane engine) / repelling force
tweet (on Twitter) / (HK, Tw) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile / to reply to original poster (or recommend a post) on PTT bulletin board
propeller / propulsion unit / thruster
to plead / to claim as an excuse
inductive reasoning
recurrence formula
to reckon / to infer / to imagine
Twitter user
recurrence relation
bench press
to think over
to spread / to extend
elected by acclamation / recommended by all
to inquire / to ascertain
to procrastinate
to push and shove
to make excuses / to give an excuse (for not doing something)
to push the wave and add to the billows (idiom); to add momentum / to encourage sth to get bigger / to add fuel to the fire
half willing and half unwilling (idiom); to yield after making a show of resistance
lit. the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before (idiom) / fig. the new is constantly replacing the old / each new generation excels the previous / (of things) to be constantly evolving
to give one's bare heart into sb else's keeping (idiom); sb has one's absolute confidence / to trust completely / to confide in sb with entire sincerity
to examine / to investigate
to infer / to consider and come to a judgment / to recommend / to estimate / deduced to be
lit. when a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a shove (idiom) / fig. everybody hits a man who is down
propulsion module / service module (astronautics)
hair clippers
to inquire into / to ascertain
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, R&D center in Pasadena, California
to clip hair / to have a haircut
lit. to push the boat with the current / fig. to take advantage of the situation for one's own benefit
to extrapolate
to apply sth more broadly / by logical extension / and, by extension,
propellant / rocket fuel
to study in detail
to study / to examine / to probe / to study the underlying principles
mutually shirking responsibilities (idiom); each blaming the other / passing the buck to and fro / each trying to unload responsibilities onto the other
to push and pull / to move sth forward by shoving and pulling
to esteem / to think highly of / to accord importance to / to revere
to interrogate
lit. money will make the Devil turn millstones (idiom) / fig. with money, you can do anything you like
to cede to the virtuous and yield to the talented (idiom)
prefectural judge (in imperial China)
baby buggy
massage using one's breasts
booster rocket
to use all sorts of excuses
to propagate / to popularize
product launch event

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