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remote control
to monitor
  *控* | 控* | *控
to control / to accuse / to charge / to sue / to invert a container to empty it / (suffix) (slang) buff / enthusiast / devotee / -phile or -philia
numerical control (machining)
to regulate / to control
to control / to manipulate
measurement and control
automated / automatically regulated / to control oneself / self-control
electric control
to control / in control of
to go out of control
exclusive control
programmed / under automatic control
quality control (QC), abbr. for 品質控制|品质控制
someone who attaches great importance to good looks (esp. in others)
the accused (in a trial)
to strictly control (abbr. for 嚴格控制|严格控制)
accusation / a (criminal) charge / to accuse
RMON / remote monitoring
lolicon or rorikon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young girls in an erotic manner
multi-touch (computing)
fire control (gunnery)
green pest prevention and control / environmentally friendly methods of pest control and prevention
manual control
to prosecute (criminal) / the prosecution
shotacon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young boys in an erotic manner
border control (abbr. for 邊境控制|边境控制) / to place sb on a border control list (a list of people to be detained if they attempt to enter or leave the country)
to control
to prevent and control (e.g. the spread of a communicable disease)
to deploy surveillance / to put under surveillance
to make an accusation based on fabricated evidence (idiom)

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