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control / to exercise control over / to contain
remote control
to monitor
  *控* | 控* | *控
to control / to accuse / to charge / to sue / to invert a container to empty it / (suffix) (slang) buff / enthusiast / devotee / -phile or -philia
numerical control (machining)
a control (e.g. button, text box etc) (computing)
to regulate / to control
to control / to manipulate
measurement and control
automated / automatically regulated / to control oneself / self-control
electric control
remote control
to control / in control of
to go out of control
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / abbr. for 疾病預防控製中心|疾病预防控制中心
automatic control
exclusive control
computer numerical control machine tool (CNC machine tool)
(electronics) silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) / thyristor
programmed / under automatic control
quality control (QC), abbr. for 品質控制|品质控制
someone who attaches great importance to good looks (esp. in others)
control (as in "to win control")
the accused (in a trial)
to strictly control (abbr. for 嚴格控制|严格控制)
transmission control
accusation / a (criminal) charge / to accuse
RMON / remote monitoring
to accuse / to charge / to indict
to accuse / to denounce / to make a complaint against / denunciation
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
lolicon or rorikon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young girls in an erotic manner
multi-touch (computing)
stylus pen
regulatory plan
electronic switching system (telecom.) / stored program control exchange (SPC)
control rods
control theory (math.) / cybernetics
automatic telephone exchange
fire control (gunnery)
to own a controlling number of shares in a company
distributed control
pneumatic control
criminal charge / accusation
hard to control
remote operation
Media Access Control / MAC
green pest prevention and control / environmentally friendly methods of pest control and prevention
the prosecution and the defense (law)
control lever / joystick
prosecutor / procurator
manual control
Tencent Holdings Limited (developers of the QQ instant messaging platform)
guilty plea (law)
ground control (of airborne or space operation)
cavity magnetron (used to produce microwaves)
to prosecute (criminal) / the prosecution
logical link control / LLC
holding company
center dash console / central dashboard
Medium Access Control / MAC
shotacon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young boys in an erotic manner
Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)
border control (abbr. for 邊境控制|边境控制) / to place sb on a border control list (a list of people to be detained if they attempt to enter or leave the country)
to control
Line of Actual Control (LAC), separating Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory
to prevent and control (e.g. the spread of a communicable disease)
touchscreen / touch panel
plea bargaining / plea agreement
MAC layer
control desk / console
plea bargain (law)
the prosecuting side (in a trial) / the prosecution
Pakistan administered Kashmir
pointing stick (for notebook computer)
transmission control protocol / TCP
to deploy surveillance / to put under surveillance
to make an accusation based on fabricated evidence (idiom)
contamination control
to secure a stranglehold (idiom); fig. to hold a strategic pass
nuclear export control
control room

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