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  *接* | 接* | *接
to receive / to answer (the phone) / to meet or welcome sb / to connect / to catch / to join / to extend / to take one's turn on duty / to take over for sb
to accept / to receive
direct (opposite: indirect 間接|间接) / immediate / straightforward
to catch and hold on / to continue / to go on to do sth / to follow / to carry on / then / after that / subsequently / to proceed / to ensue / in turn / in one's turn
to receive (a visitor) / to admit (allow sb to enter)
to touch / to contact / access / in touch with
to meet / to welcome / to greet
to approach / to get close to
to join together / to combine
on end / in a row / in succession
to continue the struggle (idiom); to persist / unremitting efforts
link (on a website)
to link / to join / to attach / connection / a link (on web page)
interface / port / connector
to accept / to take / next / following
reception (of transmitted signal) / to receive / to accept / to admit / to take over (e.g. a factory) / to expropriate
to join up / to dock / a joint (between components)
to receive (letter etc)
to be vaccinated / to be inoculated
to weld / welding
to answer the phone
to put together / to join
to receive / to accept / to carry on
external link (on website)
to join / to connect / connection / junction / fitting (plumbing) / connector / terminal (electrical engineering)
to discuss a matter with sb / to get in touch with / to arrange
picking up and dropping off / greeting and sending off / shuttle (transport service)
wiring / to connect a wire
(telephony etc) to switch / to connect / to transfer
(of two things) to come into contact / to meet / to hand over to / to take over from / to associate with / to have friendly relations with / to have sexual intercourse
to take a customer's order / (of a taxi driver) to accept a booking / (of a delivery rider) to accept a delivery job
immediately afterwards / shortly after that
to take (sth proffered)
to connect / to put through
to take over / to assume control
to admit (to membership)
to build up a sequence / a succession of things, each linked to the previous one
to take over (from those working the previous shift) / to take over (in a leadership role etc) / to succeed sb
in touch with the common people / down-to-earth
variant of 連接|连接
to take over (duties etc) / catcher (baseball etc)
to follow / to continue
railtrack connection / to integrate into sth / to dock / to connect / to be in step with / to bring into line with / to align
game where the last word of one idiom 成語|成语 is the first of the next
earth (electric connection) / to earth
to border on
to replace / to take over (a position or post)
to graft (a branch to a rootstock)
junction box (elec.)
receiver / TV or radio receiver
dynamic-link library (DLL) / shared library (computing)
prophylactic inoculation
one after another (idiom) / in quick succession
seam / join / juncture
to access / to transfer passengers between two railway lines
adjacent / next to
one by one / one after another
management interface
to join with rivets / to rivet / riveted joint
to receive sb / to grant an interview
to connect to
to kiss
overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI)
in unbroken succession (idiom)
lit. too much for the eye to take in (idiom); a feast for the eyes
to provide support / to come to the rescue
to meet a challenge
to follow immediately afterwards / immediately adjacent
to come one after the other
more than one can attend to (idiom) / deluged (with inquiries etc) / overwhelmed (by the beauty of the scenery)
to deliver (a newborn child)
relay race / CL: 場|场
seamless connection
application programming interface (API)
lit. to graft flowers onto a tree / to surreptitiously substitute one thing for another (idiom)
switchboard operator
to whisper to one another's ear
hair extensions
power strip
the way one treats people
to hold a welcoming dinner or reception
lit. yellow does not reach green (idiom); the yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop / temporary deficit in manpower or resources / unable to make ends meet
to give material assistance to
to carry on one's ancestral line
to catch (sth thrown etc) / to receive (sth given) / to accept
to receive (a call, report etc)
application programming interface (API)
external link
jointing machine / riveter / welder / sealer / to meet a plane (i.e. to meet sb at airport) / to service a plane (of airport workers)
receiver sensitivity
interface module

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