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  *掉* | 掉* | *掉
to fall / to drop / to lag behind / to lose / to go missing / to reduce / fall (in prices) / to lose (value, weight etc) / to wag / to swing / to turn / to change / to exchange / to swap / to show off / to shed (hair) / (used after certain verbs to express completion, fulfillment, removal etc)
to get rid of / to exclude / to eliminate / to remove / to delete / to strip out / to extract
to fall down
to delete
to switch off / to shut off
to eat up / to consume
to get rid of
to sell off / to get rid of in a sale
to lose / to throw away / to discard / to cast away
to get disconnected (from the Internet)
to destroy
to kill
to lose / to miss
to throw away / to throw out
to forget
to tear down / to destroy / to dismantle (a gang) / to abort (a fetus)
to drop a bad habit
to eliminate
to remove / to take off / to strip off / to discard / to shed / to come off / to fall off
to turn one's head / to turn round / to turn about
to fall behind / to drop out
to subtract / to lose (weight)
to lose color / to fade / also pr. [diao4 shai3]
to wipe
spoilt / ruined
to lose
to pluck / to pull off / to pull out / to unplug
to throw off / to abandon / to cast off / to get rid of / to dump
to tear out (and throw away) / to rip away
to cut off / to cut away / to trim
to drop down / to fall
to eliminate
to scrape off / to shave off (whiskers etc) / (of the wind) to blow sth away
to run away / to take to one's heels
treat sth lightly / to lower one's guard
to cross out / to cross off
to spend (time, money) / to waste
to depose (a king)
to cut / to throw out / to depose (from office) / to tear off
to peel off (paint) / (fig.) to be exposed / to lose face (Tw)
to bomb
to quit (one's job) / to dismiss (an employee)
to steal sb's valuable item and substitute a similar-looking but worthless item / to sell a fake for the genuine article / to palm off
swap (finance)
to leave
drop in price / devalued / to have one's status lowered
one's bicycle chain comes off / (fig.) to let sb down / to drop the ball / to screw up
to dig out / to eradicate
to wash out / to leach
to peel off / to strip off
to shed tears
very old / obsolete / out of date
a meat pie falls from the sky (idiom) / to have something fall into your lap
to swap places
there is no such thing as a free lunch (idiom)
to drop and smash / broken
restlessness (Buddhism)
drip of rain
to turn on one's heels / to walk away abruptly
to drink up / to finish (a drink)
to swap / to replace / to exchange / to change
to lose fans
to skim froth or foam from the surface of a liquid
lock up / lock out / to lock
to share / to divide up
to eliminate / to scrap
to remove / to tear off
to laugh one's head off / ridiculous / jaw-dropping
to fail (a student) / to pawn / (of a computer or program) to crash / to stop working
to throw away / to discard
(coll.) rustic / uncouth
drop shot (in volleyball, tennis etc)
to turn / to adjust one's direction / to lose one's bearings
lit. to wave around one's bookbag (idiom) / fig. to show off one's erudition / a person who does so
to turn around
to lose weight (of cattle)
large tail obstructs action (idiom); bottom heavy / fig. rendered ineffective by subordinates
credit default swap (finance)
erhua variant of 掉價|掉价
lit. to be optimized away / to be fired / to be the victim of downsizing
lit. to shed skin, drop flesh / to work as hard as possible / to work one's butt off
to kill / to get rid of / (sports) to defeat / to eliminate
erhua variant of 掉過|掉过
to miss / to leave out / to omit / to be omitted / to be missing / to slip through / to leak out / to seep away
to lose weight (of cattle)

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