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  *换* | 换* | *换
to exchange / to change (clothes etc) / to substitute / to switch / to convert (currency)
to exchange / to swap / to switch (telecom) / commutative (math) / to commute
to convert / to exchange
to switch over / to switch modes or data streams / to cut (to a new scene)
to change / to switch / to convert / to transform
to exchange / to replace / to substitute for / to switch
to replace (a worn-out tire etc) / to change (one's address etc)
to transform / to convert / to vary / to alternate / a transformation
to replace a purchase / to exchange a purchase
to permute / permutation (math.) / to displace / displacement / to replace / replacement
to exchange
to substitute / to replace
to guarantee replacement (of faulty goods) / warranty
ion exchange
to rotate / to take turns / to switch
to exchange / to change places / to swap
equal-value exchange
to guarantee refund or replacement (of faulty or unsatisfactory goods)
currency exchange
electronic exchange of data
to exchange / to swap
to dismiss and replace (sb) / to replace (sb or sth)
integral transform (math.)
to change (sth) / to alter (sth) / to change over (to sth else)
conversion from simple to traditional Chinese characters
(computing) network address translation
replacement guaranteed if not genuine / fig. authentic
(math.) Fourier transform
to substitute on the sly
packet switching
a prodigal son returned home is worth more than gold
to take turns / to rotate (responsibility)
to molt
to swap / to replace / to exchange / to change
to change (currency) illegally / fraudulent exchange
to exchange / to change / to swap
exchange of unequal values
to repeatedly exchange
labor exchanges
a projective transformation

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