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to thwart / to obstruct (sth)
  *挠* | 挠* | *挠
to scratch / to thwart / to yield
unyielding / indomitable
to keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks (idiom) / to be undaunted by repeated setbacks / to be indomitable
tricky / problematic / difficult / to scratch one's head (in puzzlement)
to tickle
to scratch / to mess about with / to quarrel / to scramble to do / sb or sth that one can rely on
to tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration etc) (idiom)
to surrender / to yield / to flex
to bend / flexing / deflection
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc)
the torsion (of a space curve)
variant of 干擾|干扰, to interfere
split due to repeated folding / flex crack
iron hook at the end a long pole
defeated / routed / crushed

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