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phonetic writing / pinyin (Chinese romanization)
to struggle / to wrestle
  *拼* | 拼* | *拼
to piece together / to join together / to stake all / adventurous / at the risk of one's life / to spell
jigsaw puzzle / to do a jigsaw puzzle
to put together / to join
to do one's utmost / with all one's might / at all costs / (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it
to compete fiercely / contest
to work hard / to try to make a living
pastiche / collage
to spell
to assemble
to pronounce a word after mentally processing its spelling / (phonics) blending
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword)
sampler platter / appetizer platter
(computing) input method where the user types just the initial or first letter of each syllable, e.g. "shq" or "sq" for 事情)
to assemble / to put together
to engage (in a fight)
to fight desperately (at the risk of one's life)
to spell / spelling
one's utmost / (to fight or work) desperately hard / to put up a life or death struggle / at all costs
to typeset / to make up (printers' plates)
spelling / orthography
to save money on wedding expenses by getting together with another couple (or couples) in arranging restaurant reservations, wedding photo shoots etc
to assemble
to spare no efforts
to fit together / to put together
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)
assembled at random / a motley collection
to fight desperately
bayonet charge
to carpool
to edge-join boards with glue to form a panel (woodworking)
(of people with tight budget) to enjoy various dishes at the restaurant by ordering the food together and then sharing the costs
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)
jigsaw puzzle / wood block puzzle
to join together
to put sth together from component parts
to sit at a table with others with whom one is unacquainted
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword) (Tw)
to rent a place with sb else to share the costs
to misspell / to piece together incorrectly
Pinduoduo, social e-commerce company founded in 2015
to exchange fire
to grapple (with the enemy) / to fight at the risk of one's life
to put together
phonetic alphabet / alphabetic writing system
brave man, willing to risk his life
jigsaw puzzle
(computing) full pinyin (input method where the user types pinyin without tones, e.g. "shiqing" for 事情)
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)
to brave it out / to the bitter end
bayonet charge
to share a card with sb (e.g. share a loyalty card to accumulate points and split the benefits)
to throw oneself at sb or sth / to bend over backwards to help
person who joins with others to reduce costs (carpooling, group buying, sharing an apartment etc)
spelling mistake / written error
jigsaw puzzle / wood block puzzle
to go all out for sth at risk of one's life
(slang) to rely on one's father's wealth or prestige to get ahead
floor with tiled design
to put together
phonetic letters
alphabetic stage
Hanyu Pinyin (abbr. for 漢語拼音|汉语拼音)
Hanyu Pinyin, the romanization system used in the PRC since the 1960s
Jyutping, one of the many Cantonese romanization systems / abbr. of 粵語拼音|粤语拼音
Cantonese romanization / Jyutping, one of the many Cantonese romanization systems
the common use romanization system introduced in Taiwan in 2003
Chinese postal romanization, developed in the early 1900s, used until the 1980s
(computing) double pinyin (input method where the user types no more than two keystrokes per character, one for the initial and one for the final)
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)

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