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  *拳* | 拳* | *拳
fist / boxing
fist / clenched fist / CL: 個|个 / competitive (product)
taekwondo (Korean martial art)
shadowboxing or Taiji, T'aichi or T'aichichuan / traditional form of physical exercise or relaxation / a martial art
Tekken (video game)
boxing champion
Muay Thai - "Thai fist" - Martial Art
earnest / sincere
to make a fist
boxing coach / pugilist master
finger-guessing game / rock-paper-scissors game / morra
to punch
Chinese boxing / fist and feet / punching and kicking
fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms (idiom) / to roll up one's sleeves for battle / eager to get into action or start on a task
Chinese boxing / fisticuffs
competitive product / superior goods / with real punch
to cup one fist in the other hand (as a sign of respect)
to do shadowboxing
lit. to punch and kick (idiom); to beat up / fig. determined to sort out a problem
Nanquan - "Southern Fist" (Chinese Martial Art)
boxing / fighting technique
boxing match
Yongchun - "Singing Spring Fist" (Chinese martial art)
Cha Quan - "Cha Fist" - Martial Art
empty hand, empty fist (idiom); having nothing to rely on / unarmed and defenseless
the Righteous and Harmonious Fists / the Boxers (history)
Xingyiquan (Chinese martial art)
Jeet Kun Do or Way of the Intercepting Fist, a fusion of Eastern and Western martial arts led by Bruce Lee 李小龍|李小龙
Ba Ji Quan "Eight Extremes Fist" - Martial Art
Nan Quan Mama, a Taiwanese Music Group
Gou Quan - "Dog Fist" - Martial Art
boxing ring
Changquan - Northern Shaolin (北少林) - Longfist - Martial Art
Fanziquan - "Overturning Fist" - Martial Art
finger-guessing game
Wuzuquan - "Five Ancestors" - Martial Art
hook (punch in boxing)
flowery of fist with fancy footwork (idiom) / highly embellished and ineffectual / fancy but impractical skills / all show and no go / pugilistic wankery
luohan quan / arhat boxing (kungfu style)
Long Xing Quan - "Dragon Fist" - Martial Art
Hei Hu Quan - "Black Tiger Fist" - Martial Art
Hua Quan - "Flowery Fist? Magnificent Fist?" - Martial Art
Hou Quan - "Monkey Fist" - Martial Art
to square off / to exchange blows / to rain blows on sb
baguazhang (a form of Chinese boxing)
Baihequan (Fujian White Crane) martial art form
to curl up / to bend
showy boxing of no practical use / see 花拳繡腿|花拳绣腿
to thump repeatedly with one's fist
Piguaquan "Chop-Hanging Fist" (Chinese Martial Art)
martial arts / lit. fist and staff
Di Tang Quan - "Ground-Prone Fist" / "Ground Tumbling Boxing" - Martial Art
Meihua Quan - "Plum Blossom Fist" (Chinese Martial Art)
Bao Quan - "Leopard Fist" - Martial Art
variant of 摩拳擦掌
Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan - "Eagle Claw" - Martial Art
Ba Fa Quan "Eight Methods" - Martial Art
left hook and right hook (boxing) / the old one-two
Mizongyi, Mizong, My Jhong Law Horn - "Lost Track Fist" (Chinese Martial Art)
Pak Mei or Bak Mei - "White Eyebrow" (Chinese Martial Art)
variant of 划拳
Emeiquan / O Mei Ch'uan (kungfu style)
variant of 划拳
lit. to push up one's sleeves and bare one's fists / to be eager to get started
to clasp hands / to put one's palms together (in obeisance)
Beipai Tanglang Quan - "Northern Praying Mantis" (Chinese Martial Art)
Mianhua Quanji - "Cotton Boxing" (Chinese Martial Art)

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