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arched door
Gongshu district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang
  *拱* | 拱* | *拱
to cup one's hands in salute / to surround / to arch / to dig earth with the snout / arched
Gongshu district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang
to cup one's hands in obeisance or greeting / (fig.) submissive
arch bridge
to surround and protect
to bow and give way (idiom) / to surrender sth readily
an arched roof / a dome / a vault
interlocking wooden brackets between the top of a column and crossbeams used in traditional Chinese architecture
an arch dam
triforium (gallery of arches above side-aisle vaulting in the nave of a church)
blind arch / false arch
arched / convex curve surface / camber (slightly arched road surface)
pillar of a vault
arch / vault / arched
double arched bridge
pillar of a vault
a spandrel (wall filling the shoulder between two neighboring arches)
lit. all the stars revolve around Polaris 北辰 (idiom, from Analects); fig. to view sb as core figure / to group around a revered leader
Chinese truffle
to enfold / to encircle
semiarch / half arch
a flat round jade ornament with a hole at the center / fig. a treasure
to watch from the sidelines and do nothing (idiom)
a round vault
variant of 斗拱
to bow with clasped hands
to bow respectfully with clasped hands / to beg humbly

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