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to select / to pick / choice / option / alternative
by fair means or foul / by hook or by crook / unscrupulously
multiple-choice question
  *择* | 择* | *择
to select / to choose / to pick over / to pick out / to differentiate / to eliminate / also pr. [zhai2]
to choose (literary)
selective / selectiveness / selectivity
to choose a spouse
natural selection
natural selection
to fix a date (for an event) / to select an auspicious date
a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb) / fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity
to select
to have no other choice
a fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb) / fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity
when hungry, you can't pick what you eat (idiom); beggars can't be choosers / When matters are urgent, don't spend time choosing alternatives.
natural selection
to choose the right course and follow it (idiom)
Zhang Zeduan (1085-1145), Song dynasty painter
lit. carefully setting an auspicious date does not beat seizing an opportunity (idiom) / fig. seize the occasion
to be picky (food)
free agency
to choose and use / to adopt (a decision)
to speak incoherently / to ramble / to talk irresponsibly
to pick the edible part of vegetables
to pick an auspicious day
(literary) to select / to choose
special choice / special reserve
to choose what is good and hold fast to it (idiom)
to say not a word that is not appropriate (idiom) / wrongly used for 口不擇言|口不择言
impossible to separate / impossible to disentangle / cannot take time out
to pick out the bones in a fish
discard eligible (Frame Relay) / DE
to choose one's food carefully / to be picky

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