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  *拨* | 拨* | *拨
to push aside with the hand, foot, a stick etc / to dial / to allocate / to set aside (money) / to poke (the fire) / to pluck (a string instrument) / to turn round / classifier: group, batch
to incite disharmony / to instigate
to call / to dial
to dial a telephone number
appropriate sum of money
to allocate funds / appropriation
to give instructions / to give advice
to assign / to allocate / to transfer (money to an account)
to push aside / to part / to brush away
to stir / to prod / to poke / to move sideways / to strum (on a guitar etc)
to get through to sb on the phone
to send (products) / to allocate / to commit (funds) / to channel (goods)
to sow discord
to sow dissension (idiom); to drive a wedge between
to move to and fro (with hand, foot, stick etc) / to fiddle with / to stir up
a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy) / rattle-drum
bring order out of chaos / set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder
to turn / to turn around / to transfer (funds etc)
to provoke / to tease
to pull out / to allocate (funds) / to dial
dial-up connection / dial-up networking
lit. four ounces can move a thousand catties (idiom) / fig. to achieve much with little effort
lit. to dispel the clouds and see the sun (idiom); fig. to restore justice
to find time to do sth in the midst of pressing affairs
to pluck (a string)
to set right / to correct
dial-up (Internet connection)
group of people
plucked string instrument / CL:
to make time
plucked string music
dial tone
telephone dial
plucked string or stringed instrument / plucked instrument
to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people / to tell tales / to make mischief
splash (of a fish)
to sow discord / to provoke

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