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  *拐* | 拐* | *拐
to turn (a corner etc) / to kidnap / to swindle / to misappropriate / walking stick / crutch / seven (used as a substitute for )
turning point / breaking point / inflexion point (math., a point of a curve at which the curvature changes sign)
crutches / crutch / walking stick
to go round a curve / to turn a corner / fig. a new direction
to turn a corner / corner
human trafficking / to abduct and sell / to kidnap and sell
swindle / abduct
to abduct / to kidnap
lit. going round the curves and skirting the corners (idiom) / fig. to speak in a roundabout way / to equivocate / to beat about the bush
to limp / to hobble
to swindle / to cheat
corner / bend
Shiguai district of Baotou city 包頭市|包头市, Inner Mongolia
crutch / (derog.) lame person / kidnapper
to turn left (Shanghainese)
cane / walking stick
to turn right (Shanghainese)
to use a crutch
to turn left
to turn right
cheekbone / ankle
erhua variant of 拐彎|拐弯
winding and turning (idiom)
children's game, similar to knucklebones
Iron-Crutch Li, one of the Eight Immortals 八仙 in Chinese mythology, walking around with an iron crutch and carrying a gourd with special medicine
the elbow turns the wrong way / to favor an outsider instead of someone on one's own side (idiom)
bunion / hallux valgus

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