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  *披* | 披* | *披
to drape over one's shoulders / to open / to unroll / to split open / to spread out
to reveal / to publish / to make public / to announce
pizza (loanword)
cloak / cape
cape / shawl / (of long hair) to trail over one's shoulders
lit. to cut one's way through thistles and thorns (idiom) / fig. to overcome all obstacles on the way / to break through hardships / to blaze a new trail
with dishevelled hair (idiom) / with one's hair down
to travel or work through night and day / to toil away for long hours
to put on a suit of armor / to put on dress / to wear
the Beatles (music band)
to don armor
to be swept by the wind / to be blown about by the wind / to be routed (in battle etc)
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻帶孝|披麻带孝
to drape sb in red silk as a sign of honor
variant of 猖披
scattered / mixed and disorganized
to peruse / to browse
lit. to open one's liver and drip gall (idiom); wholehearted loyalty
variant of 披星戴月
to pore over a book / to look and admire
(fig.) to re-enter the fray / to return to a field of activity after a period of absence
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻戴孝
the Beatles
to sweep everything before one / to be invincible (idiom)
(of clothes, hair etc) to hang down and cover / to flow down
peso (currency in Latin America) (loanword) / also written 比索
dishevelled / wild / unrestrained
Chao Phraya River, the main river of Thailand
Chao Phraya Phra Klang (Royal Finance and External Affairs Minister), the honorary title of the 18th century official of the royal court of Thailand who translated 三國演義|三国演义 (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) into Thai

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