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  *报* | 报* | *报
to announce / to inform / report / newspaper / recompense / revenge / CL: , 張|张
to report (malefactors to the police) / to denounce
poster / playbill / notice
to report (to the authorities) / to declare (to customs)
daily newspaper
annual report
a scholarly journal / Journal, Bulletin etc
information / intelligence
weather forecast
to report / to give an account of / to collect information and report back
to report / to give an account of / report
to inform / to notify / to announce / circular / bulletin / (scientific) journal
(in) return / reciprocation / payback / retaliation / to report back / to reciprocate
evening newspaper / (in a newspaper's name) Evening News
"Times" (newspaper, e.g. New York Times)
tabloid newspaper
People's Daily (PRC newspaper)
financial report
bulletin board
Xinmin Evening News
presentation / briefing / (oral or written) brief report
to announce / to read (the news)
to report to one's superiors / to appear in the news / to reply to a letter
weekly publication
weekly publication
announcement / bulletin / communique
quarterly report
morning newspaper
Global Times (weekly digest of international news from People's Daily 人民日報|人民日报)
monthly (used in names of publications) / monthly bulletin
morning newspaper / (in a newspaper's name) Morning Post
China Securities Journal
Oriental Daily News
illustrated magazine / CL: , , 冊|册,
report of success / report of a victory
(fire) alarm / alert signal / alarm / alert / warning
Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)
this newspaper
announcement of joyful news / CL: 張|张
China Daily (an English language newspaper)
blackboard bulletin with short news items written on it (can usually be found in factories, schools etc)
Beijing news (newspaper)
Peking Gazette (official government bulletin)
business newspaper
telegram / cable / telegraph / CL: ,
guide (used in newspaper names)
Beijing Youth Daily, bjyouth.ynet.com
Post (in the name of a newspaper)
Guangming Daily, a Beijing newspaper
New York Times (newspaper)
Financial Times
Lawcourt evening news, offshoot of 北京年青报 specialising in legal news, www.fawan.com
China Youth Daily, www.cyol.net
Liberation Daily, www.jfdaily.com
Daily Mail (newspaper)
Beijing Morning Post, www.morningpost.com.cn
to make a report after the event / to make a supplementary report / to repay a kindness
Wall Street Journal
to read newspapers
Sichuan Daily
Beijing Daily (newspaper), www.bjd.com.cn
to (submit a) report
Guangzhou Daily
to misreport / fraudulent report
papers and books
to publish in the newspapers
to conceal or deceive in a report / to falsify by over- or underreporting
Workers' Daily, www.grrb.com.cn
to lie
Beijing Times (newspaper)
Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong newspaper) / Wenhui News (Shanghai newspaper)
abbr. for 信報財經新聞|信报财经新闻, Hong Kong Economic Journal
official (government-operated) newspaper
Guizhou Daily, www.gog.com.cn
Tribune (in newspaper names)
to receive mail / to receive a telegraph
karmic reward (Buddhism)
Legal Daily, newspaper published by PRC Ministry of Justice
Washington Post (newspaper)
The Guardian (U.K. newspaper)
wall newspaper
Times (newspaper)
statistical tables and reports
Daily Express (newspaper)
to appear in the news / in the papers
Dagong Bao, popular newspaper name / Ta Kung Pao, newspaper founded 1902 in Beijing, now published in Hong Kong
Beijing Evening News
India Times
China Business News (newspaper)
The Independent
The Sun (the name of various newspapers, notably in the UK and in Hong Kong)
military intelligence
unable to return the favor
Hebei Daily, www.hebeidaily.com.cn
to estimate and report / to assess

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