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to give a discount
  *折* | 折* | *折
to snap / to break (a stick, a bone etc) / (bound form) to sustain a loss (in business)
  *折* | 折* | *折
to turn sth over / to turn upside down / to tip sth out (of a container)
  *折* | 折* | *折
to break / to fracture / to snap / to suffer loss / to bend / to twist / to turn / to change direction / convinced / to convert into (currency) / discount / rebate / tenth (in price) / classifier for theatrical scenes / to fold / accounts book
  *折* | 折* | *折
variant of / to fold
shift in the trend of events / turnaround / plot shift in a book / turn in the conversation
to toss from side to side (e.g. sleeplessly) / to repeat sth over and over again / to torment sb / to play crazy / to squander (time, money)
to torment / to torture
setback / reverse / check / defeat / frustration / disappointment / to frustrate / to discourage / to set sb back / to blunt / to subdue
winding / (fig.) complicated
twists and turns / vicissitude / complication / difficulty / effort / CL:
to fold / collapsible / folding (bicycle, antenna, bed etc)
to refract / refraction / to reflect (in the figurative sense: to show the nature of)
paper folding / origami
broken line (continuous figure made up of straight line segments) / polygonal line / dog leg
to convert (between currencies)
line chart
to suffer a fracture / (of a bone) to break / fracture
to give a discount / to be of less value than anticipated
turning point / breaking point
to convert into / to amount to / to be equivalent to
a hundred percent / to the letter / out-and-out
index of refraction
twists and turns
passbook / bankbook
folding fan
to sell at a 50% discount / to fold in two
to bend
folding (i.e. portable)
to convince / to subdue / to be convinced / to be bowled over
folding chair / deck chair
to discount
calligraphic flourish with many twists / fig. many twists and turns
crease / fold
to keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks (idiom) / to be undaunted by repeated setbacks / to be indomitable
to compromise / to take the middle road / a trade-off / eclectic
folding notebook / accounts book
(horizontal-starting right angle character stroke)
discount rate
to sell off sth
(downwards-starting right angle character stroke)
memorial to the emperor (folded in accordion form)
rate of deprecation
10% off (price)
having given away a bride, to lose one's army on top of it (idiom) / to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy
opera highlights performed as independent pieces
dash / Chinese dash ── (punct., double the length of the western dash)
crease / fold / ripple / lap
to win the laurels / to pass an imperial examination / to win a championship
to turn back
to die young or prematurely / to come to a premature end / to be aborted prematurely
lit. broken halberds embedded in the sand (idiom) / fig. reminder of a fierce battle / remnants of a disastrous defeat
to spend (much) effort / to go through (a lot of) trouble
variant of 折中
loss of goods / damage to goods / shrinkage
(philately) presentation pack / stamp folder
to split sth into two (idiom)
clasp knife / folding knife
Scottish Fold
massage / snapped-off branch / sprig / to snap a twig (i.e. sth that requires very little effort)
to torture / to torment
fold / crease / wrinkle
undiscounted / full price
to snap off (flowers, leaves, twigs etc from a tree or shrub)
to start reading furiously, contrary to previous habit (idiom)
to reduce by fifty percent / half-price
to have one's life shortened (by excesses etc)
reflex (angle) / to turn back
reflex (angle) / to turn back
welt seam (doubled over and sewed again from topside)
lit. plucking a branch of osmanthus from the Toad Palace (i.e. the moon) / fig. to succeed in the imperial examination
torture and cruel treatment
to offset
against the bristles (brush movement in painting)
to atone for a crime
folding chair
to bend at the waist / to bow / (fig.) to bow to / to submit
pleated skirt
memorial to the emperor (folded in accordion form)
folding ruler
Danger appears where many harmful factors exist. (idiom)
to frustrate / to inhibit / to make things difficult
to not deserve (one's good fortune etc)
premature death of a budding talent / those whom the Gods love die young
a loss / to lose money
to make a capital loss
convinced / to admire from the heart / enchanted
lit. windy and circuitous / difficult (idiom)
a loss / to lose money
meandering and circuitous (idiom); complicated developments that never get anywhere / going around in circles
mixed dish of the food left over from a banquet
lit. various cuts and deductions (idiom) / fig. greatly reduced / substantially scaled back
Mr Zhu Yun breaks the railing (idiom); to challenge and admonish boldly
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