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  *找* | 找* | *找
to try to find / to look for / to call on sb / to find / to seek / to return / to give change
to seek / to look for
to find
to search for / to look up
can't find
to retrieve
to find / to search out
to look for / to seek / to find fault
to pick fault with / to spot the differences / to nitpick / to pick a quarrel / to find complaint with
to court death / taking risks
to seek a marriage partner / looking for a mate
to look for an opportunity
to come to sb's door / to call on sb
to search everywhere / to search high and low / to comb
to level (ground) / to make level
to look for a pretext
to give change
(coll.) to look for trouble
to make uniform / to even up / to make good a deficiency
to be looking for one's teeth all over the floor / (fig.) to get beaten up badly / to beat the crap out of (sb)
to be confused and disoriented
to ask for trouble / to invite difficulties
to be unable to find
to suffer as a consequence of one's own actions / you asked for it / to bring it on oneself (sth unpleasant)
to find
to give change / change money
to look for trouble
to look for employment / to pick a quarrel
to compensate / to make up / to complement / to add
to bring trouble on oneself
"keep the change" (restaurant expression)
variant of 找茬
to find (sth one has been looking for)
to look for a job
to seek help from social connections
change (from money paid)
(dialect) to give change
to find fault
to spend money on sth that turns out to be unsatisfactory or even disastrous
lit. to search for the mule while riding on it (idiom) / fig. to look for what one already has
to pick a quarrel / to find fault / nitpicking
to look for blemishes / to find fault / nitpicking
to look for a pretext
to find an excuse / to look for a pretext
to ask for trouble / to bring misfortune on oneself

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