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  *批* | 批* | *批
to ascertain / to act on / to criticize / to pass on / classifier for batches, lots, military flights / tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges)
wholesale / bulk trade / distribution
to approve / to ratify
to examine and approve / to endorse
to criticize / criticism / CL: 個|个
batch / lot
to reply officially to a subordinate
large quantities of
to mark (homework, exam scripts etc) / to correct and criticize (an article) / to check / to correct / a correction (to a piece of writing)
to buy in bulk / bulk buying
batch file
to do sth in batches or groups
to criticize / critique / CL: 個|个
to report for criticism / to submit for approval to higher authority
to write comments on a report submitted by a subordinate / written comments from a superior
a wholesale business / distributor
wholesale price
lot number / batch number
official written ruling in response to a submission / official approval in writing
(drug etc) approval number
to mass produce
wholesale business / bulk trade
to annotate / to add marginal comments on / criticism / marginalia
approved document / document with written instructions
to read through to evaluate / to referee
to authorize an arrest
horizontal scroll (for inscription)
to approve and forward / to endorse / stamp "approved for distribution"
in batches / in bulk
wholesale price / to settle an account / to pay a bill
critic / detractor
to severely criticize
to criticize / to refute
to have one's fortune read / system of fortune telling based on a person's date and time of birth, according to 干支 (sexagenary cycle)
to criticize severely / to slate
screwdriving bits
PTT, the largest terminal-based bulletin board system in Taiwan / full name: 批踢踢實業坊|批踢踢实业坊
(vulgar) your mom's a prostitute (from Sichuan pronunciation of 媽賣屄|妈卖屄)
to correct student papers / to grade exam papers
to drag sb before a public meeting to denounce, humiliate and physically abuse them (esp. during the Cultural Revolution)
pizza (loanword)
to tell sb's fortune
criticism / commentary
cement-sand wall plaster
to approve and carry out / to issue approval
to expose and criticize
to approve vacation
headnotes / comments or footnotes at top of the page
constructive criticism
sharp criticism
to add critical marks or notes to a text / (fig.) to criticize
PTT Bulletin Board System (Tw)
struggle session
to give an official response
to cast sb's yearly horoscope
critical annotations between the lines
fight self-interest and repudiate revisionism (Cultural Revolution slogan)
to be criticized / to suffer blame
to approve use of foreign currency
to criticize severly / to censure
struggle, criticize, and transform (Cultural Revolution catchcry)
to slap sb's cheeks
to get right to the heart of the matter (idiom)

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