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  *扳* | 扳* | *扳
to pull / to turn (sth) around / to turn around (a situation) / to recoup
  *扳* | 扳* | *扳
variant of
spanner / wrench / lever (on a machine)
to equalize / to level the score / to pull back the advantage
to pull back / to regain (one's dignity etc) / to recover from (an adverse situation) / to turn the tables
(gun) trigger
socket spanner
to recover some lost ground (in a competition)
Allen key / hex key
ornamental thumb ring (originally a ring, often made from jade, worn by archers in ancient times to protect the right thumb when drawing a bowstring)
open spanner / open end spanner / flat spanner
lever hoist pulley
adjustable spanner
to pull out / to pull a lever
spanner / wrench / CL:
railroad switch
wrench / spanner
pipe wrench
pointsman / switchman
to recoup losses (in gambling)
railroad switch
to demand a high price
to lift the fishnet
erhua variant of 扳指
hitching a ride to the sky on the dragon and phoenix (idiom); fig. currying favor with the rich and powerful in the hope of advancement
to recoup losses (in gambling)
tumbler / roly-poly
damaged by groundless slander (idiom)

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