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to reverse / to turn around (an undesirable situation) / (mechanics) torsion
awkward / difficult / uncomfortable / not agreeing / at loggerheads / gauche
to twist / to warp / to distort
  *扭* | 扭* | *扭
to turn / to twist / to wring / to sprain / to swing one's hips
torque / turning force
a sprain / a crick / to sprain
torque / turning force / torsion
toy in a capsule (dispensed from a vending machine)
to turn one's head / to turn around
to wrestle / to grapple / to scuffle
affecting shyness or embarrassment / coy / mincing (walk, manner of speech) / mannered
to sway one's hips / to twist one's waist
to be difficult with sb / to provoke disagreement / at loggerheads / to fall out with
lit. to upend heaven and earth (idiom) / fig. to change the course of events / to turn things around
to make good a deficit / to reverse a loss
lit. if you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won't taste sweet (because it's only when the melon is ripe that it can be removed with just a slight twist) (idiom) / fig. if sth is not meant to be, it's no use trying to force it to happen
to tangle up / to twist together / to wind
affecting shyness or embarrassment / coy / mincing (walk, manner of speech) / mannered
to twist and sway (one's body)
misshapen / crooked / uneven (idiom)
to wring
Twister (game)
takin (Budorcas taxicolor) / goat-antelope
crooked / not straight / staggering from side to side

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