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to beat up / to come to blows / battery (law)
to call / to dial
to attack (the enemy)
to take a beating / to get thrashed / to come under attack
soda (loanword)
to pat / to slap / (of a bird) to flap (one's wings)
(of a sports competition or match) to commence / (of a war or battle) to break out / to perform acrobatic or choreographed fighting (in Chinese opera) / to brawl / to come to blows
to beat sb / to beat (a drum)
singles (in sports) / CL: 場|场
baking soda / sodium bicarbonate
to go through challenging experiences / to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)
to beat / to lash
mixed martial arts
to go steady and strike hard (in fighting) / fig. steadily and surely
acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance
made of iron / strong as iron
to crack down on / to take severe measures against
to strike / wham!
beat up / CL: 頓|顿
to spar / to fight / to duke it out
doubles (in sports) / CL: 場|场
lit. windswept and battered by rain / to undergo hardship (idiom)
to beat sb soundly
to whip / to flog / to thrash
lit. when a rat crosses the street, people chase it down (idiom) / fig. everyone detests a lowlife
to beat / to pound / to thump
to whip / to lash / to flog / to thrash
to beat a prisoner (to obtain confessions) / to give sb the third degree / to torture
to wrestle / to grapple / to scuffle
to knock / to grasp sth in the hand and beat it / to toughen oneself up
(coll.) since
to swat / (of wings) to flap
the chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken / a dead loss (idiom)
home run (baseball)
Alor Star city, capital of Kedah state in northwest Malaysia
home run (baseball)
to ask for a beating
to punish by flogging
to fight together / to come to blows
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work
walk-off home run
promotion (for a product) / advertisement
base hit (baseball)
  *打* | 打* | *打
dozen (loanword)
  *打* | 打* | *打
to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
(of waves, rain etc) to dash against / to batter
half a dozen
pay as you go
Kedah, state of northwest Malaysia, capital Alor Star 亞羅士打|亚罗士打
to hang sb up and beat him / (fig.) (slang) to own (one's opponent) / to thoroughly dominate
torture / interrogation by torture
to punch
to make a continual banging sound / (fig.) to provoke with words
to inject (a vaccine etc)
to beat viciously
(coll.) to pester / to harass
laser printer / abbr. for 激光打印機|激光打印机
sacrifice hit (in sport, e.g. baseball)
to touch-type
coup d'état (loanword)
lambda (Greek letter Λλ)
cider (loanword)
tap / hit lightly
Kinta valley and river in Perak, Malaysia
to chase and beat
to kick and beat (idiom)

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