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therefore / as a result / so / the reason why
all / to have / to possess / to own
toilet / lavatory / CL: 間|间, 處|处
  *所* | 所* | *所
actually / place / classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc / that which / particle introducing a relative clause or passive / CL: 個|个
to be indifferent / not to matter / cannot be said to be
location / place
as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability / within one's powers
all rights reserved (copyright statement)
one's affiliation (i.e. the organization one is affiliated with) / subordinate (i.e. those subordinate to oneself) / belonging to / affiliated / under one's command
so-called / what is called
place / location / (after a noun) place where it is located
office / firm
stock exchange
law firm
(after a noun N and before a predicate P) the reason why N P / Example: 我之所以討厭他|我之所以讨厌他 "the reason why I dislike him (is ...)"
ownership / possession / property rights / title (to property)
necessary (for) / required
as everyone knows (idiom)
what one is good at
head of an institute etc
seen / what one sees
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)
what one acquires / one's gains
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, abbr. to 深交所
location / site
What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
to summarize / to sum up
to follow one's heart's desires / to do as one pleases (idiom)
its place / one's appointed place / the place for that
(idiom) to sidestep the question / to answer evasively
refuge / asylum
as it should be by rights (idiom); proper and to be expected as a matter of course / inevitable and right
not knowing what to do (idiom); at one's wits' end / embarrassed and at a complete loss
to do whatever one pleases
proprietor / owner
office of an association / meeting place / clubhouse / club
not knowing anything at all (idiom); completely ignorant / without an inkling
Solomon (name)
not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking / without two sticks to rub together
income tax
place of entertainment
affiliated unit / subsidiary
lit. fluently saying all one wants (idiom); to preach freely on one's favorite topic / to hold forth to one's heart's content
local police station
to be caused by
looking pensive / thoughtfully
unimaginable / outrageous / freakish
habitation / dwelling place / residence / CL: 處|处
general trend / irresistible trend
what one considers / one's thoughts
the objects indicated / as pointed out
Hong Kong Stock Exchange / abbr. for 香港交易所
to have nothing to do / to idle one's time away (idiom)
to be unavoidable (idiom)
Solomon Islands in southwest Pacific
exchange-traded fund (ETF)
to remain unmoved
not knowing which course to follow (idiom); at a loss what to do
owner / proprietor
there is not much left
what one hears and sees (idiom)
each takes what he needs (idiom)
to gain nothing / to end up empty-handed
discovered / what one discovers
to adapt to sb's taste / to fit sb's fancy
(idiom) to enjoy popular support / to receive general approval
wherever one goes
ownership of the means of production (in Marxism) / system of ownership
unheard of / an extremely rare and unprecedented event
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
drug rehabilitation center
to not know what sb is driving at / to be unintelligible
each in the correct place / each is provided for
whereabouts unknown
to force someone to do something
the reason why
as expected
destitute and homeless (idiom); forced from one's home and wandering about / displaced
irrespective of / to have no concerns whatsoever about
watchhouse / sentry post
stock exchange
wished-for / desired
as far as the eye can see
laboratory / institute
greatly disappointed
What you don't want done to you, don't do to others. (idiom, from the Confucian analects) / Do as you would be done by. / Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you.
attempting nothing and accomplishing nothing (idiom); without any initiative or drive / feckless
fortunately (formal writing)
China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX)

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