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to challenge / challenge
  *戰* | 戰* | *戰
to fight / fight / war / battle
war / to wage war
real combat / actual combat
to do battle (with sb)
decisive battle / to fight a decisive battle / to fight for supremacy in ...
trade war
to fight fiercely / fierce battle
World War I (1914-1918)
to start a war / to make war / to battle against
prepared against war / to prepare for war / warmongering
to meet the enemy head-on
(military) to go off to war / (sports) to compete
(US-Soviet) Cold War
cold war / (fig.) strained relationship / to be barely on speaking terms
(coll.) shiver / shudder
combat / to fight
to fight / to wage war
campaign / expedition
war of resistance, especially the war against Japan (1937-1945)
to fight in one place after another
civil war
to fight bravely / (fig.) to struggle / to work hard
chaotic warfare / confused fighting / melee / to join in such fighting
bloody battle
gun battle / firefight
to go to war / to engage in war
to debate / to contend / polemics
air war / air warfare
battlefield operation / paintball
election campaign
World War II
naval battle
united front (abbr. for 統一戰線|统一战线)
world war
to take up a challenge / to face an attack and meet it
to declare war
to watch from the sidelines
bitter struggle / hard battle / arduous effort
trade war
World War II
lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear / scared witless
Star Wars
hard fighting / fierce battle
decisive battle / (fig.) campaign
fight to the death / desperate struggle
Vietnam War (1955-1975)
bitter fighting / a violent battle
to fight with all one's might
lit. veteran of a hundred battles (idiom) / fig. experienced / seasoned
Holy war / jihad
prolonged war / war of attrition
armistice / cease fire
psychological warfare / psychological operations / psyop
World War One
lit. fight with one's back to the river (idiom); fig. to fight to win or die
verbal sparring / duel of words
Korean War (1950-1953)
to zealously continue fighting
to-and-fro tussle / closely-fought contest
World War Two
to be brave and good at fighting (idiom)
lit. lone army putting up a brave fight (idiom) / fig. (of a person or group of people) struggling hard without support
Chinese Civil War, also known as War of Liberation 解放戰爭|解放战争
World War Two
war of words
written polemics
psychological warfare / (literary) to be inwardly terrorized
to engage in battle
to support (in battle)
abbr. for 朝鮮戰爭|朝鲜战争, Korean War (1950-1953)
(military) encounter / skirmish
to meet a challenge
Battle of Redcliff of 208 at Chibi in Huangzhou district 黃州區|黄州区 of Huanggang city 黃岡|黄冈, a decisive defeat of Cao Cao 曹操 at the hands of southern kingdom of Wu / famous episode in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义
hand-to-hand combat
war of attrition
Lien Chan (1936-), Taiwanese politician, former vice-president and chairman of Guomintang
National Protection War or Campaign to Defend the Republic (1915), a rebellion against the installation of Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 as emperor
war of words
to keep on fighting despite continual setbacks (idiom)
unrestricted warfare (originally the title of a Chinese book published in 1999, later used to refer to war by any means, military or non-military, including cyberwarfare, economic warfare etc)
blitzkrieg / blitz
bombardment of Kinmen by PRC forces that started August 23rd 1958, also called second Taiwan strait crisis
nuclear warfare
to lose a war / fig. the loser (in a competition or election)
end of the war
to fight lustily
to remain calm in the face of adversity (idiom)
guerrilla warfare
incessant fighting between warlords
Battle of Guandu of 199 that established Cao Cao's 曹操 domination over north China, at Guandu (near modern 許昌|许昌 in north Henan)
to raise a lantern and fight at night (idiom); fig. to work into the night / to burn the midnight oil
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