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up to (a time) / by (a time)
to close / to stop / to put a stop to sth / cut-off point / stopping point / deadline
screenshot (computing)
to intercept
to cut off a section of sth
screenshot / to capture an image displayed on a computer screen
section / cross-section
entirely different / different as black and white
  *截* | 截* | *截
to cut off (a length) / to stop / to intercept / section / chunk / length
half (of sth) / halfway through
to break or cut in two / to sever / to cut off / (fig.) to cut off (a conversation, a flow etc) / to interrupt / (math.) to truncate
direct and plainspoken (idiom); blunt / straightforward
completely / sharply (differing)
to intercept / to cut off and capture
lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom) / fig. resolute and decisive / unhesitating / categorical
amputation (medicine) / to amputate
paraplegia / paralysis
(of a newspaper) to stop accepting incoming articles
felt a chill (in one's heart) / (one's heart) sank
to intercept (military)
Jeet Kun Do or Way of the Intercepting Fist, a fusion of Eastern and Western martial arts led by Bruce Lee 李小龍|李小龙
to stop / to obstruct / to bar the way
to dock / to trim (esp. the tail of an animal)
to cut across / cross-sectional / transverse
zeta (Greek letter Ζζ)
intersecting line
upper jacket
cracker (computing)
take from the long to supplement the short (idiom) / to offset each other's deficiencies / to complement each other
transversal line
to be inferior to / to be of a lower grade than
to hack (computer)
intercept (the point at which a line crosses the x- or y-axis)

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