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to suspend / to hang / (vehicle) suspension
suspense in a movie, play etc / concern for sb's welfare
widely different / large disparity
sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces (idiom)
to offer a reward / bounty
  *悬* | 悬* | *悬
to hang or suspend / to worry / public announcement / unresolved / baseless / without foundation
to float (in the air etc) / suspension
precipice / overhanging cliff
to hang in the air / suspended in midair / (fig.) uncertain
magnetic levitation (train) / maglev
unresolved question / unresolved case
(literary) to practice medicine / to work as a pharmacist
mouth like a torrent (idiom) / eloquent / glib / voluble / have the gift of the gab
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
pending a decision / hanging in the balance
suspension bridge
lit. to hang upside down / fig. in dire straits
Xuankong Temple or Suspended Temple near Yanyuan in Shanxi
"hanging" river (an embanked one whose riverbed is higher than the surrounding floodplain) / (literary) waterfall / cataract / (fig.) torrent of words
sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces (idiom)
to study assiduously and tirelessly (idiom) / see also 頭懸梁錐刺股|头悬梁锥刺股
perspicacious and impartial in judgment (idiom)
to hover (helicopter, computer mouse etc)
lit. to rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice (idiom) / fig. to act in the nick of time
lit. with his head attached to a beam and stabbing his thigh with an awl (idiom) / fig. to study assiduously and tirelessly
to hang / suspended
particulates / particulate matter
uvula (biology)
the multitude against the few, a wide disparity (idiom from Mencius); heavily outnumbered / unequally matched / overwhelmed by weight of numbers
lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
sling (for immobilizing an injured limb etc)
lit. to rescue the people from hanging upside down (idiom, from Mencius); to save the people from dire straits
superfluous or useless appendages / superfluities
to speculate / to conjecture
lit. a gulf between heaven and earth / wide difference of opinion (idiom)
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China
to hang down / to dangle / to be suspended
lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
lit. the pain of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
dangling participle (grammar)
dangling element (grammar)
suspended matter
an order to post a reward (for the capture of a criminal)

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