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to be worthy of / to deserve to be called / to prove oneself to be
  *愧* | 愧* | *愧
ashamed of being inferior (idiom) / to feel inferior to others
lit. look into one's heart, no shame (idiom); with a clear conscience
to feel guilty; to feel ashamed of oneself; to be remorseful
fully deserving, without any reservations (idiom); entirely worthy (of a title, honor etc)
to have a clear conscience; to feel no qualms; to be worthy of (sth)
to feel ashamed at being inferior (idiom)
ashamed look
feel ashamed
lit. I'm ashamed and dare not (accept the honor); fig. I do not deserve your praise. / You flatter me too much.
to have a clear conscience
ashamed and sorry / suffering shame and remorse
to have a guilty conscience
sweating from shame / extremely ashamed
to feel gratitude mixed with shame
no shame, no subterfuge (idiom); just and honorable / upright and above board
to blush in shame / red-faced
lit. look into one's heart, no shame (idiom); with a clear conscience
to be ashamed to face (sb) / to feel bad about having failed (sb)
  *媿* | 媿* | *媿
old variant of
not ashamed to learn from subordinates (idiom)
ashamed and unable to show one's face (idiom)
to feel undeserving of the praise or the honor
to feel ashamed (idiom)

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