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  *想* | 想* | *想
to think / to believe / to suppose / to wish / to want / to miss (feel wistful about the absence of sb or sth)
thought / thinking / idea / ideology / CL: 個|个
delusion / fantasy
to want to / to feel like / to fancy / to care for sb / desirous of
(fig.) to dream of / dream
an ideal / a dream / ideal / perfect
to think of / to call to mind / to anticipate
to associate (cognitively) / to make an associative connection / mental association / word prediction and auto-complete functions of input method editing programs
to imagine / to fancy / CL: 個|个
way of thinking / opinion / notion / to think of a way (to do sth) / CL: 個|个
didn't expect
impressions / reflections / thoughts / CL: , 個|个
to recall / to think of / to call to mind
unexpected / hard to imagine / it had not occurred to me / who could have thought that
what one considers / one's thoughts
Final Fantasy (video game)
to guess / to conjecture / to suppose / to suspect
to imagine / to assume / to envisage / tentative plan / to have consideration for
presumably / probably / in all likelihood / surely
unexpected / previously unimagined
to think to oneself / to think / to assume
Mao Zedong Thought / Maoism
it may be assumed that
to think freely / unfettered imagination
to miss / to remember with longing / to long to see again
to conceive / concept
to get over (a shock, bereavement etc) / to avoid dwelling on unpleasant things / to accept the situation and move on
to remember / to recall
fantasy / illusion / vain dream
to have one's wishes come true / wish you the best!
to infer / to gather
new ideas
to attempt vainly / a vain attempt / delusion
reverie / daydream / to be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts
to recall / to recollect / to think back
don't think (that) / don't imagine (that)
it is obvious that... / as one can well imagine...
dreamer / visionary
rhapsody (music)
to imagine / to conceive of / to visualize / imagination
with the same idea in mind / with a common purpose
to anticipate / to expect
Lenovo Group (PRC computer firm)
to think up every possible method (idiom); to devise ways and means / to try this, that and the other
imaginary / virtual / to imagine / hypothesis
to give thought (to others) / to consider (other people's needs) / also pr. [zhao2 xiang3]
just think! / imagine that!
lofty ideal
Bless you! (after a sneeze)
to figure out / to work out (a solution etc) / to think up / to come up with (an idea etc)
to indulge in flights of fancy (idiom) / to let one's imagination run wild
political thought / ideology
to meditate / meditation
intellectual history
to think about it
suddenly have a thought (idiom) / suddenly be inspired to do something
cannot figure out / to be unable to take a lighter view / to take things too hard / to be depressed / to fret over trifles
to imagine the wildest thing / to indulge in fantasy
to take sth for granted
daydream / fantasy / to fantasize
too horrible to contemplate / unthinkable / inconceivable
Plato's "The Republic" (c. 380 BC)
ideal state / utopia
subjective idea
to figure out / to realize / to become convinced / to come round (to an idea) / to get over it
to let one's imagination roam
system of thought / ideology
to indulge in fantasy (idiom); to let one's imagination run wild
to yearn for sth day and night (idiom)
word association / association of ideas
delusional disorder / (fig.) paranoia
drowsy / sleepy
conception / imagination
to idealize
Confucian thoughts / the thinking of the Confucian school
to consider from all angles (idiom); to think hard / to rack one's brains
to associate / to think of
fantasies / imaginings
science fiction
think tank (committee set up to study a problem)
to reckon / to infer / to imagine
associative learning
to be carried away by one's wishful thinking (idiom) / to labor under a delusion / wishful thinking
think to oneself
exchange of ideas
to visualize (Buddhist practice)
to consider from all angles (idiom); to think hard / to rack one's brains
to turn over in one's mind (idiom); to think through from different angles / to ponder
the Goldbach conjecture in number theory
silent contemplation / to meditate / to think in silence
tentative idea
Juche Idea (North Korean ideology of political, economic and military independence)
to consider past cause and future effect (idiom); to think over the past and future / to ponder over reasons and connection

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