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miserable / tragic
to suffer (defeat, death etc)
to scream / blood-curdling screech / miserable shriek
massacre / tragedy / CL:
bitter / desperate
  *惨* | 惨* | *惨
miserable / wretched / cruel / inhuman / disastrous / tragic / dim / gloomy
dark / gloomy / dismal / by painstaking effort
to suffer a crushing defeat
bitter / painful / deeply distressed
to die tragically / to meet with a violent death
spectacle too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic sight / appalling scenes of devastation
tragedy / calamity / atrocity
inhuman (idiom) / brutal and unfeeling
Les Misérables (1862) by Victor Hugo 維克多·雨果|维克多·雨果
extremely tragic (idiom); with unprecedented brutality
grieved / distressed
bitter smile
disastrous turn / tragic event
plaintive / mournful / miserable
terrible tragedy / grave mishap
to manage by painstaking effort (idiom)
devastation / miserable condition
to meet with disaster / to die tragically
to slaughter / to kill mercilessly
tragic situation / dreadful state
variant of 慘淡|惨淡
wretched situation
wretched sight
cruel / vicious
dark red
too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic spectacle / appalling scenes of devastation
grieved / distressed
deathly pale
(idiom) too appalling to look at
the massacre of 12th Mar 1927 / the Shanghai coup of 12th Mar 1927 by Chiang Kai-shek against the communists
(of women) grieved appearance (idiom) / sorrowful mien

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