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affair / matter / thing / business / CL: , 樁|桩
cordial / enthusiastic / passion / passionate / passionately
romance / love (romantic) / CL: 個|个,
emotion / sentiment / affection / feelings between two persons / CL: 個|个, 種|种
mood / frame of mind / CL: 個|个
to sympathize with / sympathy
(facial) expression / to express one's feelings
passion / fervor / enthusiasm / strong emotion
local conditions and customs (idiom)
great kindness / magnificent hospitality
details / particulars
friendly feelings / friendship
story line / plot / drama (genre)
market price / quotation of market price / the current market situation
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feeling / emotion / passion / situation
epidemic situation
real situation / the truth
mien / bearing / grace / amorous feelings / flirtatious expressions / local conditions and customs / wind force, direction etc
(of a movie, novel etc) romantic / sentimental
to know the facts / to understand / to be familiar with the situation
deep emotion / deep feeling / deep love
to use discretion / to take circumstances into account / to make allowances pertinent to a situation
as much as one likes
public sentiment
affection / family love / love, esp. within a married couple or between parents and children
look / expression
the characteristics and circumstances particular to a country / current state of a country
pornography / sex
pure and innocent / a pure heart
gentle feelings / tender sentiments
actual situation / truth
to give a full account
to express emotion / lyric
details of a case / case
to fall in love at first sight (idiom)
heartless / without regard for others' feelings
pitiless / ruthless / merciless / heartless
to carry on a clandestine love affair
unmoved / indifferent / unruffled by sentiment
to fall in love / to love sb or sth dearly (lover, or art)
to exchange love tokens or vows / to pledge one's love / to get engaged
kindness / affection / grace / favor
(Beijing dialect) argumentative / unreasonable
affected / unnatural / pretentious
military situation / military intelligence
cold-hearted / unfeeling / callous
to shift one's affection / to change sentiment
sth one wishes to keep secret / ulterior motive / a subject best avoided
tenderness / warmth / warmhearted / softhearted
to stir up emotion / to arouse sympathy / moving
human emotions / social relationship / friendship / favor / a good turn
to get excited / passionate / aroused to passion / to fall in love / on heat (of animals)
to relent (to spare sb's feelings) / to show mercy or forgiveness / to forbear / lenient
old affection
affectionate / passionate / emotional / sentimental
circumstances of the people / popular sentiment / the mood of the people / popular customs
to pass on amorous feelings / to send one's love to sb
nature / temperament
to feel grateful to sb / to appreciate the kindness
oestrus (sexual receptivity in female mammals)
water levels during the flood season
to your heart's content
to flirt
actually / as it turns out / indeed / of course
peril / dangerous circumstance
romantic love
friendship / friendly relations
leisurely frame of mind
disastrous situation / calamity
romantic love / romance / erotic (novel etc)
the situation of the enemy positions / intelligence about the enemy
close relationship as between fish and water
lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me / Do not judge me too harshly. / Look favorably on my humble efforts.
facial expression
the state of play in an election / the current state of a candidate's campaign
to make sheep eyes at / to cast amorous glances at
to plea for leniency / to ask for a favor
to imagine that one's love is reciprocated / to shower affection on an uninterested party
(slang) bromance / gay love
hidden or secret love affair
human nature (idiom) / a behavior that is only natural
expressionless / wooden (expression) / blank (face)
to intercede / to plead for sb else
former love / former circumstances
not amenable to reason / unreasonable
to miss / to long for
drought conditions
unromantic / insensitive
to die together in the name of love / to sacrifice oneself for love
heartless / unfeeling
the state of moisture in the soil (and whether it can support a crop)
amorous feelings
fickle in love / sentimentality
true sentiments are seen in hard times (idiom) / you see who your true friends are when you go through tough times together / you see who your true friends are when you are in difficulties
to promote estrus / to bring an animal to heat by artificial means
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