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suspense in a movie, play etc / concern for sb's welfare
to suspend / to hang / (vehicle) suspension
widely different / large disparity
sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces (idiom)
to offer a reward / bounty
  *悬* | 悬* | *悬
to hang or suspend / to worry / public announcement / unresolved / baseless / without foundation
to float (in the air etc) / suspension
precipice / overhanging cliff
to hang in the air / suspended in midair / (fig.) uncertain
magnetic levitation (train) / maglev
suspension bridge
suspended matter
unresolved question / unresolved case
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
Xuankong Temple or Suspended Temple near Yanyuan in Shanxi
an order to post a reward (for the capture of a criminal)
pending a decision / hanging in the balance
sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces (idiom)
to hang down / to dangle / to be suspended
lit. to hang upside down / fig. in dire straits
(literary) to practice medicine / to work as a pharmacist
mouth like a torrent (idiom) / eloquent / glib / voluble / have the gift of the gab
lit. to rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice (idiom) / fig. to act in the nick of time
"hanging" river (an embanked one whose riverbed is higher than the surrounding floodplain) / (literary) waterfall / cataract / (fig.) torrent of words
particulates / particulate matter
to study assiduously and tirelessly (idiom) / see also 頭懸梁錐刺股|头悬梁锥刺股
to hover (helicopter, computer mouse etc)
lit. with his head attached to a beam and stabbing his thigh with an awl (idiom) / fig. to study assiduously and tirelessly
sling (for immobilizing an injured limb etc)
perspicacious and impartial in judgment (idiom)
uvula (biology)
the multitude against the few, a wide disparity (idiom from Mencius); heavily outnumbered / unequally matched / overwhelmed by weight of numbers
lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
lit. to rescue the people from hanging upside down (idiom, from Mencius); to save the people from dire straits
dangling element (grammar)
superfluous or useless appendages / superfluities
lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
to speculate / to conjecture
to hang / suspended
lit. a gulf between heaven and earth / wide difference of opinion (idiom)
dangling participle (grammar)
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China
lit. the pain of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits

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