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congratulations / greetings
deferential / respectful
to look forward to sth / to wait respectfully
to congratulate respectfully / to express good wishes
to praise / to speak highly of / compliment / praise
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)
to congratulate respectfully / to wish good luck and success (esp. to a superior) / with best wishes (in writing)
to be underwhelmed / to be less than impressed
  *恭* | 恭* | *恭
reverent and respectful / extremely deferential
to trifle without respect (idiom); to despise worldly conventions / frivolous
polite and modest
(literary) respectful / deferential
to listen with respectful attention / (a polite request to sb to speak) / we are all ears
deferential / respectful
General Yuchi Gong (585-658), famous military man instrumental in founding the Tang dynasty
Gongcheng Yao autonomous county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom) / (said to accept sb's request, invitation etc)
Happy New Year
to refuse would be impolite
to switch from arrogance to deference (idiom)
Grand Prince (Qing title)
Gongcheng Yao autonomous county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
temperate, kind, courteous and restrained
temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous
(literary) excrement / feces
to be constipated (euphemism)
(literary) urine
Gongcheng Yao autonomous county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
to defecate (euphemism) / to go to the toilet
Grand Prince Yixin (1833-1898), sixth son of Emperor Daoguang, prominent politician, diplomat and modernizer in late Qing
season's greetings (idiom)
Chen Gongyin (1631-1700), early Qing dynasty poet
variant of 恭維|恭维

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