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  *总* | 总* | *总
always / to assemble / gather / total / overall / head / chief / general / in every case
variant of 彙總|汇总
to gather (data etc)
boss / sir (person with a leading role in an organization) / (after a surname) high ranking commander in the PLA / (Qing dynasty) high ranking government official / (old) courteous term used by the general populace in addressing a rank-and-file soldier or police officer
in great abundance / numerous
altogether / in all
handsome high-powered businessman (abbr. for 霸道總裁|霸道总裁)
to cut a long story short
Liu Houzong (1904-1949), originally Hunan guerilla leader, rewarded by Chiang Kaishek for killing Xiang Ying 項英|项英 during the 1941 New Fourth Army incident 皖南事變|皖南事变
sum (result of addition) / addition / total / to add up a number of items / to accumulate
low-level officer of the army from the Ming to the mid Qing Dynasty

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