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to forget; to cease to think about (sb or sth) anymore
to keep in mind constantly (idiom)
to gradually forget as time passes; to have (sth) fade from one's memory
to have a highly retentive memory / to have sth imprinted in one's memory
never to be forgotten
lit. will not be forgotten even after one's teeth fall out / to remember as long as one lives / unforgettable (idiom)
  *忘* | 忘* | *忘
to forget / to overlook / to neglect
to be forgetful; to have a short memory
Don't forget! (literary)
hard to forget even after one's teeth fall out (idiom); to remember a benefactor as long as one lives / undying gratitude
don't forget your friends when you become rich
an eminent person has short memory (idiom)
what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't miss (idiom)

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