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a little bit
  *微* | 微* | *微
surname Wei / ancient Chinese state near present day Chongqing / Taiwan pr. [Wei2]
  *微* | 微* | *微
tiny / miniature / slightly / profound / abtruse / to decline / one millionth part of / micro- / Taiwan pr. [wei2]
micro- / microscopic / to make the minute visible
differentiable (math.)
slight / faint / humble
lowly / humble
a little bit / slightly
slight / light / trivial / to a small extent
tiny / minute / fine / subtle / sensitive (instruments)
(literary) to decline / to wane / title of a section in the Book of Songs 詩經|诗经
a tiny bit / very little / next to nothing (idiom)
down to the smallest detail / thoroughgoing / fine and detailed
meager (wages) / humble (social status) / feeble (voice)
subtle / profound
of humble origin
to know very little about
to show every possible consideration (idiom); meticulous care
slight / slim
to decline / to wane / weakened / enfeebled / in decline
faint / subtle (of sound, scent etc) / profound / mysterious / dim
(prefix) nano-
to accumulate tiny quantities (idiom)
Lu Tanwei (active c. 450-490), one of the Four Great Painters of the Six Dynasties 六朝四大家
miniature / scaled-down / forming a microcosm
Hu Ziwei (1970-), PRC lady TV presenter
tiny / infinitesimal
(of a small business) to have very little capital and very modest profits
to probe deeply and uncover minute details
to be of humble origin (idiom)
to emphasize down to last detail (idiom); to show every possible consideration / meticulous care
remote and insignificant (idiom)
very small / very little / scant / minimal
minuscule quantity / minor matter

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