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defense / to defend
  *御* | 御* | *御
to resist / imperial / (classical) to drive (a chariot) / to manage / to govern
  *御* | 御* | *御
to defend / to resist
to resist / to withstand
for use by the emperor / imperial / (derog.) in the pay of the ruler
imperial chef / imperial kitchen
to defend against the cold / to keep warm
imperial physician
armed enemy of the nation / enemy of the Emperor / fig. championship challenger / contender opposing champion in sporting contest
variant of 駕馭|驾驭
to defend
imperial censor (formal title of a dynastic official)
earned run average (baseball)
imperial wine / sacred wine
otaku, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests such as anime, manga, and video games / see also 宅男 / see also 宅女
imperial kitchen
defensive (weapons)
internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)
Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era, general Song dynasty encyclopedia compiled during 977-983 under Li Fang 李昉, 1000 scrolls
(Tw) bento / lunch box
imperial seal
emperor's young brother
(military) chariot driver (old)
the emperor's hand / variant of 馭手|驭手
imperial rescript / emperor's written instructions in response to a report
Queen's Counsel
to be bestowed, conferred, or granted by the emperor
the emperor leads his troops into battle (idiom) / to take part personally in an expedition
strategic defense initiative (SDI)
superintendent of education (formal title)
nuclear defense
Auriga (constellation)
fortification / defensive structure
defensive art

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