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characteristic / diagnostic property / distinctive feature / trait
emblem / symbol / token / badge / to symbolize / to signify / to stand for
  *征* | 征* | *征
journey / trip / expedition / to go on long campaign / to attack
  *征* | 征* | *征
to invite / to recruit / to levy (taxes) / to draft (troops) / phenomenon / symptom / characteristic sign (used as proof) / evidence
Long March (retreat of the Red Army 1934-1935)
expedition / long journey
an expedition, esp. military / march to remote regions
to apply (for a job) / to reply to a job advertisement
to go into battle / to campaign (military)
symbol / indicator / representation
vital signs
(medical) sign / physical sign
Yizheng county level city in Yangzhou 揚州|扬州, Jiangsu
clinical characteristic / diagnostic trait
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
punitive expedition to the west
punitive expedition to the east
punitive expedition to the south
Wei Zheng (580-643), Tang politician and historian, notorious as a critic, editor of History of the Sui Dynasty 隋書|隋书
to start collecting taxes
symptom (of a disease)
Budd-Chiari syndrome
the Crusades / crusaders' eastern expedition
(medicine) indicator / indication
birds and beasts / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air / same as 飛禽走獸|飞禽走兽
to take to the field oneself (of emperor) / to take part in person in an expedition
to press into service / to impress / to commandeer
quotation / citing / to cite / to reference
the emperor leads his troops into battle (idiom) / to take part personally in an expedition
sexual characteristic
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)
to go on a personal punitive expedition
to suspend taxes momentarily / to postpone military draft
customs levy / customs post charging import duties
the Crusades
to act on one's own / to fight alone
by force / to conquer by force of arms / power
autumn levy (tax on harvest)
to send or go on a punitive expedition
to ask oracle for war forecast
to hurry forward on an expedition / to drive fast
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters
punitive expedition to the north
night journey / punitive expedition by night

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