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  *往* | 往* | *往
to go (in a direction) / to / towards / (of a train) bound for / past / previous
  *往* | 往* | *往
old variant of
usually / in many cases / more often than not
to associate (with) / to have contact (with) / to hang out (with) / to date / (interpersonal) relationship / association / contact
to go back and forth / to go to and fro / round trip
to yearn for / to look forward to
in the past / formerly
past events / former happenings
usual / customary
lit. proper behavior is based on reciprocity (idiom) / fig. to return politeness for politeness
to leave for / to proceed towards / to go
from now on / in the future / time to come
to come and go / to have friendly relations with / in the past / previous
to lead to
just as in the past (idiom); as before / continuing as always
in former years / in previous years
to move forwards
to go and come back / to make a return trip / backwards and forwards (e.g. of piston or pump action) / to reciprocate (of machine part)
dealings / contacts / to go back and forth
to advance bravely
former days / the past
former sessions / former years
to come and go / to have dealings with / to be in relation with
to advance courageously (idiom) / to press forward
(of a bus, train etc) to leave for / heading for
the past
to be fascinated / to be rapt / to long for / to dream of
to hurry to (somewhere)
backwards and forwards action (e.g. of piston or pump) / reciprocating motion
since ancient times / since times immemorial
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition / forming a bridge between earlier and later stages
lit. to meet those arriving, to send of those departing (idiom); busy entertaining guests / all time taken over with social niceties
to be successful in every endeavor
deeply attached / devoted
out / outbound / departing
bound for
past / bygone / the past
to run away / to go into exile
contacts / dealings
the past is vanished like the wind; gone beyond recall
past events / former times
straight ahead
coming and going alone (idiom); a lone operator / keeping to oneself / unsociable / maverick
to change (to final stretch of journey)
to take sth to heart / to take sth seriously
the past
(usual) practice of the past / precedent
one's thoughts fly to a longed-for place or person / to long for / infatuated / fascinated
(coll.) (to beat etc) to death
from here on
as usual
to forget and not bear recriminations (idiom); to let bygones be bygones / There is no point in crying over spilt milk.
to visit frequently / to have frequent dealings (with) / to see each other often
reciprocating saw
a place buzzing with activity (idiom)
not to reciprocate is against etiquette (classical) / to respond in kind
man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down (idiom) / one should constantly strive to make progress
to observe the past to foresee the future (idiom, taken loosely from Book of Songs); studying ancient wisdom gives insight into what is to come
past events / former times
thoughts wandering far away
contrary to usual / unlike what usually happens
in former years / in olden days
blunt / outspoken
current account (in bank)
outbound leg (of a bus or train journey etc)
the past is dead (idiom)
to belittle / to attack sb
to bring shame to / to smear / to disgrace
to be reborn / to live in paradise (Buddhism) / to die / (after) one's death
lit. to swallow one's knocked-out teeth after getting punched in the face (idiom) / fig. to endure bullying or insults stoically
in former times / in olden days
not censure sb for his past misdeeds / overlook sb's past mistakes / let bygones be bygones
(literary) former times / in olden days

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