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staunch / strong
to do with difficulty / to force sb to do sth / reluctant / barely enough
tenacious / hard to defeat
stubborn / obstinate / unbending
  *强* | 强* | *强
surname Qiang
  *强* | 强* | *强
stubborn / unyielding
  *强* | 强* | *强
strong / powerful / better / slightly more than / vigorous / violent / best in their category, e.g. see 百強|百强
  *强* | 强* | *强
to force / to compel / to strive / to make an effort
  *强* | 强* | *强
variant of 強|强
  *强* | 强* | *强
variant of 強|强
  *强* | 强* | *强
variant of 強|强
to reinforce / to strengthen / to increase
to increase / to strengthen
Li Keqiang (1955-), PRC politician, prime minister from 2013
top 100 (e.g. top 100 towns)
cockroach (slang)
to strive for self-improvement
pressure (physics)
excellent / outstanding
rich and powerful
Logger Vick (Boonie Bears character) / nickname for bald people
the top four
(sports) top eight / quarterfinals
Zaoqiang county in Hengshui 衡水, Hebei
eager to excel / eager to get ahead in life / strong-minded
the Great Powers (history)
Ningqiang County in Hanzhong 漢中|汉中, Shaanxi
firm / unyielding
Wuqiang county in Hengshui 衡水, Hebei
strong and healthy / fit
eager to be first
atmospheric pressure
far-fetched / implausible (chain of reasoning)
to show off / to try to be brave
to work energetically for prosperity (of the country)
strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term); Making the first move is an advantage.
to be self-reliant
despot / tyrant / bully
Cai Guoqiang (1957-), contemporary Chinese artist working with firework displays and light shows
Tyvek (brand)
young and vigorous (idiom)
to make an effort to become strong (idiom); determined to do better / to pull one's socks up
to be strongly determined to succeed (idiom)
to achieve with difficulty / only just up to the task / barely adequate
prosperous country with military might
using the weak to defeat the strong (idiom); to win from a position of weakness
highly skilled in martial arts
high and mighty (idiom); arrogant
Jason Hu (1948-), former Taiwan foreign minister
named grade or higher / at least stated magnitude (of earthquake)
Qian Sanqiang
to combine together for self-improvement / joint movement for self-strengthening
pseudonym of Huang Xing 黃興|黄兴, one of the heroes of the 1911 Xinhai Revolution 辛亥革命
to support the weak and restrain the strong (idiom); robbing the rich to help the poor
to be either weak or strong both have their purpose (idiom)
the pen is mightier than the sword (idiom)

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