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  *弓* | 弓* | *弓
surname Gong
  *弓* | 弓* | *弓
a bow (weapon) / CL: 張|张 / to bend / to arch (one's back etc)
bow and arrow
catapult / slingshot
circular segment
Gongchangling district of Liaoyang city 遼陽市|辽阳市, Liaoning
lit. a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow (idiom) / fig. sb who frightens easily, due to past experiences
bow and crossbow
Gongchangling district of Liaoyang city 遼陽市|辽阳市, Liaoning
arch (of a foot)
composite bow (archery)
to force oneself upon sb (idiom) / to rape
lit. to see a bow reflected in a cup as a snake (idiom); fig. unnecessary suspicions / overly fearful
lit. to shoot from both sides (idiom) / fig. to display ambidexterity / to slap with one hand and then the other, in quick succession / to use both feet equally (football)
to hunch over / to stoop / to arch one's back (upward)
pantograph (transportation)
opitoshtonous (med.), muscular spasm of the body associated with tetanus and meningitis
cheek bone / zygomatic arch (anatomy)
lit. the birds are over, the bow is put away (idiom); fig. to get rid of sb once he has served his purpose
lit. once you've shot the arrow, there's no getting it back (idiom) / fig. once you started sth, there's no turning back / to have to finish what one started / to be determined to reach one's goals in spite of setbacks
bow-and-arrow step (dance step)
crossbow shooter
bound feet
pantograph (transportation)
visceral arch (gill-bearing arch or its vestigial crease on sides of neck of vertebrates)
to bow / to bend at the waist
high-arched feet
lit. to draw the bow without shooting the arrow (idiom) / fig. to bluff / to be all talk and no action / false bravado
bow made from the tree
bow decorated with animal horns
bowed / curved like a bow
to bend the body at the waist / to bow
tendon arch (anatomy)

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